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Many of our customers are in the grocery food retail industry. Our main focus is supporting stores efforts in reducing waste, lowering operational costs while extending product freshness and shelf life. We are able to do this by offering retailers exceptional quality products that support the safe and effective merchandising of perishable fresh foods.

PROMOLUX food lighting provides superior color rendering and the highest level of filtration against damaging ambient heat and light for unsurpassed protection of all fresh foods.
grocery store food lighting

ECONOFROST energy saving night covers for open case refrigeration display units offer retailers a cost-effective way to reduce energy consumption and significantly lower product shrink and discard.
grocery case night covers

It's vitally importantly to us to work closely with our customers and to establish solid long term relationships with the common goal of reducing waste and achieving more sustainable operations.

Market Group Ventures Inc., is the parent company of PROMOLUX lamps and ECONOFROST night covers. Over 30 years, MGV has grown to include two offices (one on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada and another Barcelona, Samark, Spain), as well as a world-wide network of refrigeration and lighting specialists and service technicians who are also committed to delivering excellent service and products.

It's an undisputed fact that there is a thin profit margin for grocers and it doesn't take much for logistic costs, energy bills and store waste to exasperate overall profit margins. Both energy costs and commodity prices are on the rise and it is more challenging for independent and chain store operators to survive in a cut-throat economy.

MGV will continue to support the efforts of retailers as they strive to meet the challenges within the food retail and food service industry. As department managers and store employees face the daily challenge of reducing product shrinkage, discard, while striving to increase sales and boost shopper loyalty, we will continue to offer top quality night cover and food lighting products for a variety of refrigeration and display cases.

If you want to know more about PROMOLUX lamps and/or ECONOFROST night covers, please click here to contact us.