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Market Group Ventures Inc. or MGV INC. is the parent company of PROMOLUX and Econofrost.

PROMOLUX Lamps are low radiation balanced spectrum lighting and are available in a variety of sizes that are easily installed in a merchandise display case or overhead light systems. It uses a proprientary combination of phosphors and coatings that help reduce the damaging effects of light on perishable food displays. PROMOLUXlamps are also used by retailers who want add a visual 'pizazz' to their displays and also want to reduce their shrinkage rates that were caused by regular flourescent lights.

Regular fluorescent lighting in retailer's display cases give off strong ambient light in the white or yellow spectrums and they emit high levels of UV radiation. These radiation levels increase the surface temperature to the food, increase the rate at which perishable will discolor, emit an odor and lead to accelerated spoilage. Refrigeration display lighting is intended to enhance the look of perishable food such as cold cuts by producing the naturally vibrant color and also protects fresh products from the harmful rays of radiation.

ECONOFROST night covers are the only woven aluminum made on the market having been installed sucessfully in over 300,000 installations worldwide. ECONOFROST is a simple and affordable way to save energy on older refridgeration equipment. ECONOFROST night covers can be easily retrofitted. Even if your equipment doesn't comply with the new 41" temperature regulation, ECONOFROST can do the job. By using the covers at night, it was found that it takes up to 15 hours for a perishable product to warm back up again. This was a study completed by South California Edison and found that customers who used ECONOFROST, experienced a significant savings in energy.

ECONOFROST refrigerator night covers act as a thermal barrrier. This thermal barrier blocks UV radiation and heat extending the shelf life of perishable products within the commercial display cases. The use of ECONOFROST night covers can substantially reduce the energy from 37% ot 50%. They don't infer with the day to day operation of a retail outlet or supermarket because they can roll away from view and are not visible during tbe store's of operations.

ECONOFROST refrigeration thermal night covers also minimize a supermarket's carbon footprint and impact to to the environment. They last up to 10 years, will provide trouble-free nightly service and will prevent any units from entering there way to the land fills.

Did you know? ECONOFROST thermal night covers have helped reduce over 35 million tons of CO2 emissions worldwide. Supermarkets and retail stores have helped save a carbon equivalent of over 600,000 cars and that number is growing on a daily basis!

Do you want to know more? Please contact us here or call us toll free at  1-800-519-1222 or 1-250-743-1222