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Refrigeration Display Savings

As a grocery store owner or merchandiser, you want to offer shoppers full access to all items for purchase. When it comes to your refrigerated products, it's no different but you shouldn't be penalized for it.

The focus for North American retailers right now is to conserve energy, reduce waste and extend the shelf life of fresh foods and beverages.

An open and visually appealing display case that operates as efficiently as possible is the ultimate goal. Finding the right combination of refrigeration equipment while providing full access for shoppers and as well as protecting foods against outside contaminants and harmful heat and light is a resonable expectation.

ECONOFROST night cover refrigeration products are top of the line and are available in a variety of retrofit and custom models. Night cover products improve overall energy efficiency of refrigerated and freezer cases while supporting the overall sustainabilty of your business. Display your goods during the day and cover them up at night, it's that easy!

ECONOFROST night covers save you money by extending shelf-life and guarding against harmful heat and light sources at the store level which compromise the freshness and appearance of foods.

Using night covers also reduces the load on your entire refrigeration unit helping to lower operating and service maintenace costs.

How to Cut Shrink and Discard Overnight by Using Night Covers

Open refrigeration display cases expend unnecessary energy consumption and contribute to a greater volume of shrink and discard as fresh foods are exposed 24/7 to ambient heat and light.

It is the ambient air and light that penetrates the case which causes both case and product temperatures to rise. During the night the refrigerations compressors have to work even harder to bring down the case temperature, expending valuable energy.

Furthermore, perishable products that are at the front of the shelves soon discolor and spoil prematurely as they are hit all day by both overhead and case lighting. The excessive waste of energy coupled with the loss in revenue because of spoiled product means food retailers are hit twice as hard.

ECONOFROST refrigeration display case covers are an effective solution that works to extend shelf-life, maintain product appearance and integrity all the while lowering energy consumption.

image of grocery case night coversFact: Utilizing night covers at night results in a significant decrease in premature spoilage of many perishable products, especially in produce cases where fresh fruits and vegetables wilt and ripen under light.

ECONOFROST thermal refrigeration display units are made from woven aluminum fabric that barricades 70% of the ambient heat that normally enters open display cases. Aluminum is the most effective at reflecting heat. The perforations in the woven aluminum fabric allow for condensation to evaporate and prevent mild from forming.

ECONOFROST is designed to last more than 10 years and are made from food safe material to ensure super hygiene for supermarkets and retail outlets. ECONOFROST refrigeration display case covers are easily installed as retrofits on all open refrigeration cases and are also factory installed by the OEMs.

Optimizing Refrigeration Displays for Greater Sales

image of grocery store food lightingIn addition to retrofitting night covers to your refrigerated display cases, you should also consider switching the lights inside your case to a product like PROMOLUX, which is specifically designed for fresh food cases.

PROMOLUX is a light source that solves the issue of premature spoilage and poor color rendering; stores are rewarded with visually appealling displays that stay fresher, longer!

The most common concern reported by grocers and store refrigeration engineers is the cost of energy and the short shelf life of certain products.

The wrong kind of lighting will hurt sales and also cause premature ripening in fresh produce, packqaged meats and dairy cases. PROMOLUX was developed with food retailers in mind; it's complete line of lighting products were formulated to provide the greatest protection and best color rendering for fresh foods.

Now you can have the best of both worlds with products like ECONOFROST night covers and PROMOLUX food lighting. The energy and product you will be saving, will quickly cover the purchase cost of both products, saving you even more money for years to come!

Visual merchandising is an important strategy for increasing sales; freshness and product integrity is key to building customer loyalty; energy savings and reduced shrink is critical in today's market - all of these can easily and cost-effectively be achieved by using ECONOFROST and PROMOLUX to optimize your refrigeration cases.

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