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A great selection of Night Cover Models

ECONOFROST provides a great variety of night cover models to choose from. ECONOFROST products are all engineered for excellent performance and remarkable durability. They are the only night covers designed for food retail applications, using over 30 years of expert industry experience.

Retailers using ECONOFROST products reduce their CO2 emissions, cut their energy costs, and protect their products from spoiling due to temperature fluctuations and infiltrating ambient heat and light.  Night covers also provide retailers with additional protection in case of temporary power outages.

Purchase your ECONOFROST product today and help your company to save money and make a difference in the world!


The 9000 SeriesEconofrost 9000 series

Purchase your 9000 series model today and enjoy years of protection for your refrigerated goods. This model takes users' needs into consideration, making it a product that is both durable and easy to use. The magnetic fasteners allow the cover to snap into place, fully covering the refrigerated case for maximum efficiency. The 9000 series is the premium night cover on the market and is the model by which all night covers are compared against.


The XL SeriesEconofrost XL series

Get a perfect fit for your Hussmann Excel cases with the XL series. This model is specifically engineered to effectively fit the Hussman Excel cases. The XL series model is 4 feet wide, yet light and easy to handle. The simple installation and long life make this night cover a wonderful after-market purchase for any company. There is no need to buy any extra parts, the XL night cover installs simply and easily using the pre-existing factory mounting brackets.  Store employees enjoy the flexible strap magnet/handle fastener that allows for an easy pull down and secures the cover to the bottom of the case.

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The 7000 SeriesEconofrost 7000 series

Enjoy the benefits of the 7000 series model and all it has to offer. The design is slim and sleek, taking up a minimal amount of space while still providing energy efficiency and a long lasting, durable construction. This model may be more modest, but it's still highly effective, engineered for excellent performance.


The Original 5000 SeriesEconofrost 5000 series

The 5000 series was so effective that consumers demanded even more ECONOFROST products. This original design features in what has made the 5000 series such as success has been expanded upon to other model designs.  This series uses a hook that installs at the bottom of the case and allows the cover to be securely fastened to the refrigerated case. Durable, yet light, this cover is an excellent way to help the environment and save money at the same time.


Security Merchandise CoversEconofrost Lockable night covers

Purchase a security merchandise cover from ECONOFROST to increase your products' protection. The security covers not only provide the excellent spoilage avoidance benefits of the night covers, but it also provides protection against theft. The security merchandise covers feature a secure locking system that prevents robbery and when rolled out, the covers provide an excellent advertising opportunity. The security merchandise covers are the most durable and secure of all of the covers and the only cover that is able to be screen printed for advertising, making this a highly effective and beneficial product.


Electrically Operated Motor Driven BlindsEconofrost electric motor night covers

For increased convenience, purchase electrically operated thermal blinds. These blinds are excellent for large grocery stores and meat preparation rooms. The blinds have the same functions as the night covers, but additionally, they can be set to automatically fall and rise at a certain time of day. This cuts down on maintenance time and helps ensure that the food stays fresh and ready to eat.

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