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Proven Energy Savings Result in Rapid Return on Investment

ECONOFROST reflective night covers are easy to specify with your order for new refrigerated cabinets, or easy to install in your existing refrigerated display cabinets.

Without protection, open display coolers can waste a lot of energy. ECONOFROST thermal night covers protect display coolers from incurring unnecessary energy losses. Reduce heating and air conditioning costs overnight, just by pulling down ECONOFROST night curtains while the store is closed.

Extending the shelf life of perishable foods and reducing waste from trimming fresh produce bring direct savings. Ensuring food safety and integrity is always good business and brings customers back. Designed to last the full life of your display cases, you can protect your profit margin with ECONOFROST thermal blinds that require less maintenance, require less labor and ensure better food safety.

ECONOFROST retractable night curtains were designed by engineers to meet the highest quality specifications for usage, efficiency and durability. What makes ECONOFROST night covers unique lies in the specialized fabric engineered to create more than an efficient thermal barrier--one that is unobtrusive during the day, flexible, and easy to roll down at night.

ECONOFROST blinds are constructed with food-safe and recycleable materials and are easy to clean, so they are ideal for use in-and-around the food zone.

Save over 36% Energy for Grocery Marketing Display Coolers

Independent lab tests have demonstrated the economic benefits of using ECONOFROST night covers to improve the efficiency of refrigerated coolers.

image of night cover testingASHRAE, the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air conditioning Engineers, and other organizations, conducted scientific studies which showed that during the hours ECONOFROST night covers are pulled down over open store coolers, refrigeration energy consumption is reduced by at least 36% per hour used.

Even after the thermal blinds were retracted, the stabilized case temperature kept products cold for up to 15 hours.

ECONOFROST provides an overnight solution with daytime impact

Food retailers can significantly reduce commercial refrigeration energy costs by rolling down ECONOFROST reflective night covers while the store is closed to stabilize cooler temperatures overnight or during any power interruption.

The beneficial effects of keeping the chilled foods at ideal temperatures within the display cabinets last up to 15 hours after the night covers have been rolled up in the morning.

Where ECONOFROST woven aluminum night covers are installed, results have proven energy savings to be anywhere from as high as 37% to 50% per hour and waste from daily produce trim reduced by up to 75%.

That's significant savings for any retailer!

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