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Retrofitting Refrigeration Displays for Maximum Benefits

ECONOFROST night covers prove that a cost effective way to protect food items stocked within refrigerated coolers is to create a thermal barrier and deflect heat and light emissions while the store is closed.

Deflecting store level heat and light outward while traping and circulating the cold air inside the case, contributes to even greater efficiency of the refrigeration system and more stable and colder case and product temperatures.

ECONOFROST Reflective Night Covers Protect Foods on Display

Supermarkets and smaller retail food stores operating with open refrigerated display cases are caught in a catch-22 where they need to provide unrestricted access for customers as well as restricting utility costs and maintaining product freshness and integrity.

Open coolers tend to overwork compressors and waste energy as the refrigerated curtain of air is constantly infiltrated by surrounding warm air. An open display merchandiser can have wide variations of temperature within the case, and food items sitting in the front are subject to warming beyond safe levels.

Closed cooler cases, on the other hand, present a physical barrier and detract from the marketing impact of placing fresh food items close at hand.

ECONOFROST night curtains feature a patented woven aluminum fabric which is laminated with Polyethersulfone and sealed with Polyethylene for strength. To meet strict food safety and UL requirements, the fabric is coated with a fire retardant coating that exceeds UL94HB and then precision peforated to allow the fabric to breathe and prevent condensation and moisture build-up.

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Ensure Food Safety and Integrity

ECONOFROST night covers are constructed for food retail environments and are ideal for grocery stores, convenience shops and food-service institutions.

They are extremly hygienic, easily cleaned and are made from recycleable extruded aluminum with modular components to ensure retailers receive a premium quality product that will perform for many years.

ECONOFROST supports the stabilization of case and product temperaturew which is especially important for perishable foods stored in refrigerated display coolers and in which they must meet state NSF regulations.

Keep Foods Cool to Extend Shelf Life

When temperatures are more stable overnight and carried over into daytime operations, shoppers are rewarded with colder beverages, packaged meat products that retain their color and don't purge their natural juices, a wide selection of produce items that are fresh and crisp.

Extend the shelf-life and protect the overall appearance and quality of fresh food items by installing ECONOFROST night covers on all open refrigerated retail display cases.

Plus enjoy these addtional benefits:

- Additional inventory protection during power outages
- More stable and cooler temperatures but warmer aisles for shoppers
- Extended equipment life and reduced service & maintenance costs

Your Store Can Reduce Shrinkage and Save Money in all Perishable Departments

ECONOFROST installations in a major western supermarket chain resulted in sizeable reductions in shrinkage - much greater than what they expected. The stores reported that the savings from reduced trim and discard in their produce departments was about 75%.

An ECONOFROST representative reports: "These savings alone can cover the cost for the whole installation in just a matter of a few months. "

Energy rebates from the utility company further increased this chain's payback on their initial investment in ECONOFROST night blinds.

Organic produce and meat products tend to deterioriate faster than conventional foods that have been treated and preserved with chemicals and additives. Organic foods present an even greater challenge in sustaining freshness, appearance and shelf life. ECONOFROST night covers keep organics protected at night ensuring longer shelf life and additional department savings.

Click here for information about ECONOFROST grocery store merchandiser night shades.

Your Store Can Cut Down on Supermarket Trim

Consistent with a 2006 study conducted at the major US supermarket chain store, ECONOFROST installations have shown that they can reduce supermarket perishable waste by 75%. Tests demonstrated how reducing the amount of produce trimmed from food displays brought the store their return on investment in just over four months.

The produce department manager reported an “average decline in trim from one barrel a day to one quarter barrel a day,” eliminating produce losses of $50 to $65 per day and reducing the labor needed to trim and clean up the produce displays. Researchers reported that the store saved more than $8000 over a five month test period in the typical large supermarket setting.

No matter how large or small your retail food outlet is, or whether you are an independent grocer, a franchise operator, or management of a supermarket chain, everyone in the retail food industry is concerned about the rising costs of business and will benefit from implementing night covers.

With ECONOFROST night covers you can extend shelf life, save over 36% of your refrigeration energy costs, and meet sustainability objectives. You can reduce the costs associated with the trimming and maintaining of fresh food displays.

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How Can ECONOFROST Night Covers Save Energy and Increase Profits for Food Retailers?

Here is a simple, affordable way for food merchandisers to save energy and decrease the load on older refrigeration display systems.

ECONOFROST is an industry-leading woven aluminum thermal shield that can be ordered already installed in new display cabinets and or can be retrofitted to your existing refrigerated display cases.

Rolling ECONOFROST reflective covers down when stores are closed for the night keeps cold air in the case and hot air out, allowing products to be stored at more stable temperatures so they stay fresh longer. Food retailers can save energy and maintain product integrity with ECONOFROST woven aluminum night covers.

With rapidly increasing energy costs and rebate opportunities in certain markets for energy conservation, the time has come to stop wasting energy. Thousands of savvy retailers around the world are saving energy and retaining money having installed ECONOFROST night blinds on all their refrigerated merchandisers. In-store tests have demonstrated night covers as a budget friendly investment for grocers and supermarkets where ECONOFROST night covers are in use.

ECONOFROST Adds Value to Display Cases

ECONOFROST thermal shields help to increase the efficiency of refrigerated retail display cases and to maximize the shelf life of refrigerated foods throughout the display case, from front to back, top to bottom.

Ideally, products placed at the front sell first, but when exposed for long hours to the warm store environment, the items placed at the front suffer the most from temperature fluctuaions and deterioration.

Products at the front of unprotected open refrigerated display cases are typically 12-15°F (7-8°C) warmer than products at the back of the cases due to the influx of radiated heat from store aisles, and cold air spillage from refrigerated cases. ECONOFROST night covers help keep product temperatures at proper storage temperatures at or below 41°F.

Dairy products and other fresh foods on display exposed to high temperatures quickly become subject to product degeneration and premature spoilage.

ECONOFROST Is In Demand - Become an Authorized ECONOFROST Supplier

Create a new niche for yourself by becoming an authorized supplier of ECONOFROST night covers.

ECONOFROST will show you how to calculate the energy savings that result from installing heat reflective night blinds on refrigerated display cases. Working together, we will help supermarkets and other food industry clients save money and resources and achieve their business goals.

Your current grocery store customers rely on your expertise to recommend practical solutions to their everyday problems. Night covers are just another tool in your tool belt.

If you are currently servicing supermarkets and indpendent shops, have refrigeration service experience or sell food equipment and supplies, then we want to hear from you!